How I Catapulted My Kindle Ranking by 350,000 in Just 48 Hours With This New Wordpress Theme and Some Traffic!




Hey everyone! Lina here and I’ve got something cool to show you!

I’ve been working on a new set of WordPress themes specifically designed for publishers, small businesses who want to increase revenue through publishing, and of course, indie authors!

I’ve been testing them, tweaking them, and experimenting and the results have been fantastic. When you drive targeted traffic to these pages, they will help you presell your book!


Here is a screenshot of one of my books… not selling:


It sucks when you put in all the time writing a book to have it just sit there and not sell. It’s not fun and you feel like you’ve wasted your time. :

Is that you?

That’s okay, it’s me too. I’ve had plenty of books in kindle not sell and it’s a shame to see that happen. That’s why I wanted to do something about it.


Selling your book can be surprisingly easy. It can also be extremely frustrating if you don’t know what to do or how to do it.

I get asked all the time, “what can I do to improve my book sales” and it doesn’t take long to identify the major problem people are having.

It also does not take long to solve the issue – look at what my book did after just 48 hours of applying my process:


The problem is twofold: poor/low traffic and no method of warming people up to your book. The tool needed to warm people up to your book is a good landing page and a sneak preview of what they can expect after buying your book. A good landing page will help you sell more!

The other aspect is the traffic, which can easily be had, if you know where to look! But use the wrong landing page or the wrong traffic and…


… you have the wrong tools for the wrong job. That’s the problem, boiled down.

You need a book landing page to help you sell your book. But most WordPress themes royally suck at this. They don’t warm up your targeted buyer, they don’t capture their information, and they certainly don’t help you sell copies of your book!

But that’s not the only bad tool – the other is poor or low traffic.


It used to be the case that you could slap your book up on Amazon and wait for the paychecks to come in. And they would come. It used to be you could just buy some PLR, change up the name, a few words, and bam! Instant kindle success.

Not anymore.

Sure, Amazon will promote your book for you. After you’ve proven to them your book is worth selling. Without a kickstart to your book promotion, Amazon won’t bother doing it for you!

Why should they? There are thousands upon thousands of other books out there that is worth promoting over yours, at least in their eyes.

You have to drive traffic and sales yourself, at least at first.

But before you go giving up, thinking it’ll be too hard, it’s not!


And on top of that, I collected all my prospective buyer’s email addresses in the process!

All you need is a traffic grabbing technique (which is hands off and really simple) + the proper book selling WordPress theme and you too can finally start selling your book!

And I’m going to show you how, step-by-step, in…


The Right Tools for the Right Job

WPListPress is a powerful combination of a WordPress theme and “over-the-shoulder” training that will allow you to grab traffic and book sales, practically hands off.

I get my traffic from various, targeted blogs and FB ads. It is simple and hands off. I drive my traffic to the WordPress theme and let it work to presell and warm the traffic up to my book. I’m going to show you EXACTLY how I do it!

I also build an email list using the theme and traffic, allowing me to promote my book repeatedly for days until they purchase. It’s a great method and has done wonders for my book sales!


WP List Press allows you to use WordPress to warm up your traffic and the training will show you how to get targeted, cheap traffic.


As an indie author or publisher, this will help you sell more copies of your book, easier than ever before!








I do not want anyone to get stuck because they do not have the right graphics to promote their book using my theme, so as a bonus, I am offering a lifetime license to my 3D Instant Book Cover Generator with any theme purchase. Now with any flat book cover artwork, you can create a 3-D Book Cover within seconds – just check out this video demo:



The tools you are buying and what you will learn in this training is so valuable, that you can easily make your money back 10-fold or more by selling a service to authors and local businesses to promote their publications to gain similar results as what I have demonstrated. I have a 40+ Page PDF specifically designed to teach you how to sell this service to anyone on the Web or in your local community that wants results.

In a nutshell, you will get:




For a proven to convert WordPress theme, and complete training and tools to ensure your success, you can’t beat this…


And as if that is not all, just because I do not want to leave you stuck in any aspect of technology as it relates to these products, I am offering 5 days of FREE phone support from March 12th to the 16th …

Don’t hesitate any further … get on board now and let’s get started!


To Your Success